Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple Releases Xcode 4 Preview 5 to Developers

Apple has released Xcode 4 Preview 5 to developers which introduces new features and enhancements for tabs, editor panes, and alerts.

This preview introduces new features and enhancements for tabs, editor panes, and alerts. These features are designed to scale the single window interface of Xcode 4 to more effectively use available screen real estate, from the 11” MacBook Air, up to Macs equipped with multiple monitors. Please experiment with these new features to see how Xcode 4 can speed up your daily development tasks.

Editors: The built-in editor modes, Standard, Assistant, and Version are designed to present the most critical information, in context, as you work. New in this seed, clicking the icon on the far-right of the Jump Bar will split the current editor pane. The split editors have their own history, and Assistant editor splits can each present counterparts as you work in the primary editor. The General preferences pane now configures document open behaviors, such as option-click to create a split, or double-click to open a new window for the selected document.

Tabs: Much like in Safari, each Xcode 4 tab is an independent view of the complete work area. Selecting File -> New Tab (or pressing CMD-T) will create a new tab view of your current project or workspace, with its own window sizes, Navigator/Utility geometry, and editor layout. Tabs and their customized layout is preserved between launches of Xcode 4. The tab name defaults to the file in the active editor, or double click the tabĘžs label to give it a permanent name. For computers with a lot of screen space, tear a tab off and move it wherever you like. Configure a tab for Interface Builder design tasks, debugging activities, and code editing.

Alerts: Certain tasks are common during development, among them Build, Test, and Run. The Alerts preferences panel configures specific actions or changes in state within the IDE when you perform these tasks. For example, the Run command can automatically switch to a tab called Debug (or the IDE will create the tab for you). As described above, each tab can be independently configured, creating a custom debug experience whenever the app is Run.

You can download Xcode 4 Preview 5 from the Apple Developer Center.

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