Friday, November 12, 2010

Augmented Reality Comes To The New iPod Touch

Vito Technology has announced a birthday version of its best seller app Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide. This is a revolutionary update that brings augmented reality to the new gen iPod touch. For the first time ever iPod touch fellows can enjoy the enhanced features of Star Walk even without a digital compass. iPhone 4 users will not feel left out. Real-time satellite tracking, calibration tool, TelRad, and new content make Star Walk one of the most accurate, precise and interactive app for anyone who has ever wondered where the Big Dipper is!

The idea behind iPod touch augmented reality is very simple - when you know your location and have the gyro to detect movements, all you need to replace the compass is to tell your iPod where the Sun is. Simply point the built-in iPod camera towards any sky object, for instance the Sun (or the Moon) and swipe the app generated sky to match the real one, and voila... you have a full functioning software compass which has even more precision than the one in an iPhone or iPad. iPhone 4 compass can be calibrated as well.

Another major addition in this update is satellites tracking. They are right there in the sky among the stars. This lets you figure out whether that white dot in the sky is a star or a satellite and exactly which star or satellite it is. It lets you find out exactly when the ISS will by flying over your head and where in the sky you should look for it. Reacher information and more satellites (in addition to over 150 in this version) are planned for the future updates.

As Star Walk is often used for educational purposes in schools and universities as well as astronomy clubs, this update features the ability to connect a secondary screen or a projector to use the app as a visual aid.

Another step towards professional use is newly added TelRad feature and new content. TelRad measures angular distance between nearby stars and helps to find celestial objects with a telescope. Content has been 'enhanced with new catalogue of deep sky objects (NGC), new constellations, galaxies and nebulae.

On the fun side, the birthday update brings us a freshened up design and enhances social network integration. Completely redesigned constellation pictures add more magic to the stargazing experience which you can now share with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. Plus, we have added search by common names of constellations to the English version.

Pricing and Availability:
Star Walk is available for iPhone and iPod touch for $2.99.
Star Walk for iPad costs $4.99.

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