Friday, November 12, 2010

Rare Apple-1 Computer Goes on Sale for £150,000

Christie's of London is putting a rare Apple-1 computer up for auction on November 23rd for £150,000.

There were only about 200 of these devices launched in 1976 and only a few still exist.

Before the Apple-1 you would have to put together your own motherboard and would need soldering skills.

This is the forerunner of the iPod, iPad and iPhone. It worked straight out of the box, which was the original concept.

Apple's lineage can be traced back to this model and as far as we know there were about 200 made and perhaps a quarter survive.

Not only does this come with the packaging and manuals but also a letter from Steve Jobs.

He appears to be answering questions from the customer about what monitors and keyboards are best to use.

The computer technically allowed you to programme and it was like a high-performance calculator.

This one comes with an extra cassette interface, which meant you had a read-write capability.

At the time it famously cost $666.66, and the cassette interface was an extra $75.

Steve Jobs sold these from his parents' garage and there is a growing appreciation of the history of computing - and this is where home computers started.

And finding one in this condition is unheard of.

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