Monday, November 8, 2010

Steve Jobs Says Xserve Dropped Due to Poor Sales

Steve Jobs has responded to a customer upset that Apple will be discontinuing the Xserve product line. Jobs indicates that poor sales was reason for killing the product.


You don't like PRO Market. OK.

A lot of worker as us, live with Apple Pro Apps, OS X Pro Apps, OS X infrastructure (XServe, XSan, RIP XServe RAID.....)

The end of the XServe is a [knife] in our back... why not sending this activity to Filemaker or making another company: "Apple Pro Consumer" or "Apple iPro"? or licensing Mac OS X Server to VMWare of MSFT HyperV for example? or licensing XServe as you did with Promise for XServe RAID?

We need PRO Serves 1 U.

Thanks for whay you do, but please... not like this...

Best regards.

Sorry for my bad language (I am french)

Hardly anyone was buying them.

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