Tuesday, December 14, 2010

High Quality Maps And Satellite Imagery

Houdah Software has announced HoudahGeo 2.7, the premiere photo geocoding solution for the Mac. HoudahGeo is tightly integrated with iPhoto and Aperture Places. It offers a myriad of ways to geocode and publish photos. HoudahGeo may publish projects to EveryTrail.com, prepare them for viewing in Google Earth and upload photos to Flickr and Locr.

HoudahGeo allows for automatic geocoding from GPS track logs or from iPhone reference photos. A GPS device is however optional. HoudahGeo provides several options for manual geocoding. The most popular of which being the Map Geocoding panel: this allows for finding and selecting locations on a map.

HoudahGeo 2.7 upgrades the Map Inspector and Map Geocoding panels to high quality Bing maps and satellite imagery. The Map Inspector is used to check the locations currently assigned to photos. The Map Geocoding panel allows for picking locations and assigning those to photos. High quality maps are of essence to allow for finding locations with ease and precision.

HoudahGeo may write EXIF and XMP geotags to JPEG, RAW and XMP files. HoudahGeo features full integration with iPhoto'09 & Aperture 3. Upon geotagging photos with EXIF & XMP tags, HoudahGeo may notify iPhoto / Aperture that new metadata is available. This allows for the Places database to immediately refresh. (A bug in the current version of iPhoto currently mandates one extra step to be handled manually.)

Pricing and Availability:
HoudahSpot 2.7 is priced at $30 (USD) for a single-user license. It is a free upgrade for all registered HoudahGeo 1.x and 2.x customers.

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