Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ludacris calls the iPad best invention of 2010, is an “Apple Guy”

It’s not Walt Mossberg, but Ludacris told CNN that he thinks Apple’s iPad is the best invention of 2010. Ludacris also says that he is “definitely an Apple guy” as he rocks (raps?) an iPhone and iPad. His favorite iOS app is Words with Friends and the most embarrassing app he has on his phone is Bubble Wrap. He jokingly said “Ludacris likes to pop the bubble wrap on his damn iPhone or iPad!” (which should be the title of this post)

Who likes the picture?

*thanks 9to5mac*

Don't forget that Bill Gates himself said way back in the day, apple is the future he just though he could make a better os, and for a while it was ok but now it can't keep up with OSX!

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