Thursday, January 6, 2011

MacHeist Customers Get Secret Pre-release Access to Twitter for Mac

MacHeist nanoBundle 2 customers who purchased beta access to Tweetie 2 have been given access to secret features in the new Twitter for Mac application.

Some of the "Super Secret" features include:
● User timeline avatar derepeater
● Scroll over window will bring to front
● Type anywhere
● Hide app in background
● Compose windows float over all windows
● ESC closes compose windodws
● Link Color

MacHeist members should look for an email which offers the following instructions:

"The rabbit hole begins in Twitter's Help menu. Open it and hold the followings keys: Ctrl+Opt+Command. Your nanBundle 2 Tweiitie license number is the secret password.

Included are super cool things - secret experimental preferences and options, and promised access to pre-release builds of Twitter for Mac. A glimpse into the future."

*thanks iclarified*

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