Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trapster Has Been Hacked, Change Your Password

Trapster, a popular iOS app that alerts you as you approach speed traps, has been the victim of a hacking attack that may have compromised users' email addresses and passwords.

The Trapster team has recently learned that our website has been the target of a hacking attempt, and it is possible that your email address and password were compromised. We have taken, and continue to take, preventative measures to avoid future incidents but we are recommending that you change your Trapster password. As always, Trapster recommends that you use distinctive passwords for each site you visit, but if you use the same password on Trapster that you use on other services, we recommend that you change your password on those services as well.

It's unclear whether Trapster had encrypted its stored passwords or not. To be safe, we recommend you change your password as soon as possible.

*thanks iclarified*

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