Monday, February 28, 2011

FaceBreak Gets Updated With iOS 4.2.1/4.2.6 Support

FaceBreak is a Mobile Substrate extension that allows FaceTime calls over 3G now supports iOS 4.2.1/4.2.6(Verizon) and uses much less memory.

FaceTime is one of the best features of iPhone 4 (even iPhone 3GS if you have the proper hack installed). but one of its main drawbacks is it doesn’t allow FaceTime calls over 3G. That’s where FaceBreak steps in, it overrides apple FaceTime 3G checks and makes it think it’s actually connected to Wifi. FaceBreak doesn’t need any setup or user interaction, it will automatically kick-in when you start a FaceTime call over 3G.

You can download FaceBreak from the Cydia Store for $1.49.

*thanks iclarified*

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