Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Freshcode Releases Bodega 1.4

Popular Macintosh publisher and developer Freshcode has announced the release of Bodega 1.4, an update to its renowned Mac software discovery and download application. Bodega 1.4 provides a dramatically enhanced app updater feature, along with across-the-board feature and performance enhancements. The Bodega 1.4 update also addresses various bugs and other reported issues.

A long-time favored feature among Bodega users, the Bodega app updater actually looks for and provides updates for all apps installed on the user's hard drive. It doesn't matter whether applications were downloaded from, or purchased through, Bodega; so long as the applications on the user's hard drive are Sparkle-enhanced, Bodega will keep on eye out for updates issued by the developer. When found, Bodega lets the user know an update exists, and will even download and install it for them.

And now the new Bodega 1.4 app updater feature takes all the work out of ensuring users have the latest versions of their apps installed on their Macs. No longer must users even have Bodega running in order to use its app updater feature. Rather, once per week, in the background, Bodega's app updater automatically queries all Sparkle-enhanced apps installed on the user's hard drive to ensure they are the latest versions ... all without requiring the user to do anything, including launching Bodega.

When Bodega finds apps with available updates, it presents the user with a convenient dialog box asking if they'd like to view the pending updates. The user can chose to update the apps at that time, or ignore the pending updates until Bodega checks again the following week. In all cases, the enhanced Bodega app updater feature provides constant, seamless, and non-intrusive app updating capabilities over which the user has complete control.

Compatibility and Availability:
Bodega requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or greater. The Bodega 1.4 update is free to all Bodega users and available via Bodega's "Check for Updates" feature. For complete information on Bodega and to download the full version free of charge, visit the below link. Bodega is currently available in English only.

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