Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The World's First Electric Car Simulator

DotTribes and The Green & Energy Consulting group have announced iEV, the world's first electric car simulator. iEV brings Electric Vehicles (EV) closer to the people, showing that the perceived range problem is not an issue for most drivers. It also helps its users to save money when they have to choose which EV to buy.

The results of the simulation are specific to the driver's personal behavior, geography, and the car itself. Users can set the car's configuration from presets (Small or Medium sized car, SUV, etc.), or they can configure the variables one by one, such as car weight, area, and aerodynamics.

Users then need only to press start and begin driving. When they arrive at the destination, they press stop and the results are presented immediately to them. After several uses the app creates a driver's profile, showing battery consumption and ranges in daily average and peaks.

The results can be compared with the specifications of any Electric Vehicle on the market to decide if that EV is right for the driver. All EV manufacturers show the battery size in the car specs in kWh (Kilowatts per hour); iEV shows the battery consumption in the same way, making it very easy to compare.

To develop this application a team of software and energy engineers modified a hybrid car, changing parts and adding sensors. Tests were run for over a year to create the simulation algorithm. Then, the formulas were adapted to the iPhone GPS until the results were satisfactory and with a very low error margin.

People do not have to wait for the electric cars to come on the market. They can begin practicing right now with iEV, finding out how they can change the way they drive to consume less energy and help the planet.

Pricing and Availability:
iEV 1.0 costs $5.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store, in the Lifestyle category.

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