Monday, March 7, 2011

The 10 Idiosyncrasies of Steve Jobs

Electricpig has published a look at ten idiosyncrasies of Steve Jobs.

Think you know Apple’s enigmatic leader? Think again. The great man is famously secretive, but we’ve unearthed some nuggets of info from work and home that provide a glimpse to what he’s really like, from his car’s numbers plates, how he decorates his house, to where he parks. And it may surprise you to learn he’s as fastidious about the products he buys as about the ones Apple makes.

1. Buying habits
2. He does his research before spending
3. Driving with no number plates
4. An irreverent approach to parking
5. Home furnishings
6. A deep design ethos
7. The designers report directly to him
8. A hands off approach
9. Expanding his horizons
10. A dislike for focus groups

Hit this link to discover a few new tidbits about the famous Apple CEO.

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