Thursday, July 7, 2011

iPhone SLR Mount Lets You Attach Nikon and Canon Lenses to Your iPhone 4

The iPhone SLR Mount case-adapter combo lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus.

Telephoto, wide angle, macro, or your fixed fifty lenses all attach to this mount giving you a full range of lenses at your iPhone lovin' fingertips. Heck, you could even throw on a Diana adapter!

Plus, you'll be putting the SLR lenses you already have to use with the camera you use the most -- your phone.

● Turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR
● Powerful depth of field and manual focus
● Sets your phone photos apart #nofilters
● Choose between Canon EOS or Nikon lens mount
● Lets you use the SLR lenses you already have
● Aluminum case, SLR lens adapter, and UV filter included
● Two loopholes let you attach a camera strap
● Does not include SLR lenses (doy)

Both the Nikon and Canon version of the iPhone SLR Mount cost $190 and are available to purchase from the link below...

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