Monday, January 9, 2012

Griffin's Twenty Digital Amplifier Lets Your Existing Speakers Work With AirPlay

Griffin's Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier lets you use your existing speakers with AirPlay.

Griffin's Twenty digital audio amplifier lets a user play digital audio from iTunes to an existing set of speakers wirelessly using an Airport Express wireless base station and Apple's AirPlay wireless audio/video protocol. The result is a zero-configuration audio set-up, streaming Apple Lossless sound from iTunes to the user's speakers via a low-profile digital amplifier.

How does it work?
AirPlay streams Apple Lossless-encoded audio from your iTunes library or an AirPlay-enabled app. The Twenty Audio Amplifier uses your Airport Express to capture the AirPlay stream, decode it, then send the sound through your speakers.

20Watts Per Channel
Power to run your bookshelf and similar speakers. Add a powered sub-woofer for enhanced low-end sound

Optical Audio
Connect to Airport Express's S/PIDF optical output with the included fiber optic cable for the best sound possible

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