Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ZEVO Brings ZFS Storage Support to Mac OS X

After months of beta testing, Ten's Complement has released ZEVO to add ZFS storage support to Mac OS X.

You spend hours creating, designing, analyzing, developing. Data corruption is not an option for you. We at Ten's Complement are passionate about data integrity and believe that your data deserves the best - ZFS. The ZFS storage technology used by Z E V O was designed from the ground up to meet the 21st-century demands of your digital data. Developed with data integrity as the foundation, Z E V O contains all the goodness of ZFS, such as self-healing and checksums. To meet your varying needs for capacity, simplicity, price and features, Z E V O is available in 4 editions: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Developer.

MacRumors notes that Ten's Complement is headed up by Don Brady, the 20-year Apple engineer who had helped transition to the HFS+ file system for Mac OS X and also headed up Apple's internal ZFS team from 2006 until it was disbanded in 2009. It's thought that Apple gave up on ZFS due to licensing issues.

ZFS (ZEVO) Features:
● Never overwrites existing data
● Every single byte validated
● Automatically detects silent corruption
● All of your data is verifiable
● Always in a consistent state on disk
● Disk Repair Utilities not required!

Unfortunately, there isn't support for booting from a ZFS volume; however, it is still very useful for storing your data safely. The Silver Edition is now available to purchase for $19.95. The Gold Edition will be available soon for $39.95 and includes more advanced features such as Time Machine-like rotating data snapshots and data redundancy. A Platinum Edition is set for launch this spring and will offer RAIDZ support, data duplication, and an advanced management utility.

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