Thursday, October 31, 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Over Faulty 27-Inch iMac Display

Idaho music teacher Corbin Rasmussen has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple alleging the company failed to address problem with the displays in its 27-inch iMac.

Rasmussen paid $2,259 for a 27-inch iMac whose screen went partially dark after 18 months of use. The repair was estimated to cost $500 since it arose after the product's one year warranty had expired. Rasmussen asserts that despite Apple's claims that the device is "designed for a long productive life", it was plagued with numerous issues.

The complaint reads:

"Despite Apple's representations, the late-2009 27-inch iMac was plagued with so many display problems that TechCrunch, a technology news website, renamed the computer "iLemon". One such problem was a screen defect that caused one half of the 27-inch iMac's display to dim or darken. Although Apple received several hundred or thousand complaints about this particular defect online, through its Apple Care customer service, and through authorized Apple technicians, Apple remain silent. In 2011, Apple released upgrade iMacs with new faster processor and graphics cards but, despite the known issues with the display, continued to manufacturer the iMac with the same defective display. Although Apple was aware it had a serious quality control issue with the 27-inch iMac display, Apple continued to heavily market the iMac as a superior quality desktop computer, ideal for consumers who use their desktops to watch television, movies and/or to edit videos and photographs."

"Apple refuses to acknowledge the display dimming defect and has left many consumers to either foot the bill for costly display replacements or with iMacs with severely dimished functionality."

The class action suit looks to represent customers nationwide who purchased a 27-inch model iMac with a LG LED-backlit display on or before November 30, 2012.

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