Monday, November 18, 2013

Evernote Releases Completely Redesigned Web Clipper Extension for Safari

Evernote has released a completely redesigned Web Clipper extension for Safari.

In addition to saving the interesting things you see online, you can now switch into a reading view, add shapes and annotations to your clips, share your clips on social networks, and much more. It’s a whole new Web Clipper and we think you’re going to love it.

To install the Web Clipper for Safari, click here. Existing users just need to restart Safari to update. Once installed you'll see an Evernote button in the toolbar. Simply click that to activate the extension.

Here are some of the new features:

Article Clip
Choose Article Clip and the Web Clipper will automatically detect and save only the main body of the article, leaving everything extra behind. Use the arrow keys or the plus/minus icons if you want to add to, remove from or shift the selected area.

Simplified Article
We brought features from our Clearly extension into the Web Clipper letting you switch the page into a clean, distraction-free reading mode. In this view, multi-page articles become one, long scrollable page. If you don’t have time to finish reading, simply clip the article into Evernote for later.

Better Bookmarks
As part of the redesign, we’ve added a new Bookmark option. When you choose this, the Web Clipper saves the page title, a short snippet of text about the page and thumbnail along with the page URL into Evernote. It’s significantly more useful than the URL alone.

Sceenshots and Annotations
Whether you’re working on your holiday shopping, planning a remodel or just browsing the web, you’ll find the Web Clipper’s new markup features indispensable. When something catches your eye, open the Web Clipper then choose Screenshot or one of the new annotation options to draw attention to specific things that you like. As soon as you start annotating, the Web Clipper snaps an image of the visible screen area. When you’re done, the marked up image will be saved to your Evernote account.

Clip and Share
Another new feature in this update is the ability to clip and share your discoveries with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or over email. If you make annotations to the clips, then your share link will point into an Evernote shared note. Otherwise, the share link points right back to the source.

Smart Filing
This new Web Clipper not only looks great, it’s smart too. Whenever you clip a page, the Web Clipper will automatically select the appropriate notebook and tags based on your past behavior. If you disagree with the suggestion, you can always click into the notebook and tag section to make your changes. That’s also where you go if you want to re-title the clip or add some notes about it.

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