Monday, December 9, 2013

Fisher-Price Offers Apptivity iPad Seat for Infants, Upsets Parents

Fisher-Price is offering an iPad Apptivity seat for infants, sparking some controversy from parents.

The 'Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad device' is available for $75 from Amazon. Parents are upset about the seat because they feel that technology is being introduced to infants too early. Fisher-Price says, "We know the Apptivity seat isn't for everyone. We want to give parents options." More details on the debate in the video clip below from ABC.

It’s a grow-with-me seat for baby that’s soothing, entertaining, and has a touch of technology, too. For newborns, it’s a deep, comfy seat that reclines to three different positions and has a soft head support. The removable toy bar adjusts to three different positions, with dangling activity toys always within reach and a large mirror reflecting baby’s smiling face – because everybody knows baby is very entertaining to watch! If you insert and lock your iPad into the mirror’s case, the visual display provides another way to stimulate and engage baby while protecting your device from baby’s sticky fingers and preventing unintentional navigating to other apps . Download our free apps for your iPad created especially for use with this product (iPad device not included). Apps for the youngest baby feature soft, soothing sounds and nature scenes, black-and-white images and high-contrast patterns that help develop eye-tracking skills. As baby gets older, age-appropriate apps introduce letters, numbers and more through sing-along songs, sounds and friendly characters. Visual content in the apps times out after 10-12 minutes, ending on the home screen, to help you keep track of how long your child is viewing the interactive media.

• Adjustable toy bar has dangling activity toys that are always within reach, and a large, 7” mirror that’s more than entertaining as it reflects baby’s image – it’s also beneficial for facial recognition and developing a sense of self.
• Option to insert your iPad into the mirror’s case for another way to stimulate and engage your child.
• Toy bar with iPad holder removes completely when you want a traditional seat.
• Download free apps that were created with the guidance of child development experts. Visual content and sounds are slow paced and time out after 10-12 minutes.
• Activity toys are fun on their own and are also interactive with the apps, prompting fun sight and sound surprises for baby.
• Adjustable, three-position seat recline for comfort and extended use through toddler years.
• Three-point restraint for safety.
• Seat pad and head support remove for machine washing.
• Durable case for all generations of iPad, excluding iPad mini.
• iPad device not included.
• Weight Limit: 40 lbs. (18 kgs)

What do you think of the iPad Apptivity seat? Do you oppose or support the idea?

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