Monday, October 14, 2013

HTC Unveils HTC One Max Smartphone With Fingerprint Scanner

HTC has unveiled the HTC One Max with a built-in fingerprint scanner and 5.9-inch 1080p display. The fingerprint scanner is located on the back of the device and lets users unlock or lock the device quickly. It also allows users to launch up to three favorite applications by assigning a different finger to each app.

"The addition of the HTC One max means that we now have an HTC One phone for everyone. The family has been built on quality and game-changing innovations and the HTC One max is certainly no exception," said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. "The upgrade to HTC Sense 5.5 will provide our most amazing mobile experience yet, with the HTC One max delivering the size and power required to do everything you want, and more, without compromise."

The full press details can be found below.

Facebook Acquires Onavo Extend App

Facebook has acquired the Onavo Extend app which uses data compression to help you minimize the data usage of your mobile device.

Onavo Extend is a powerful app that lets you stretch your data plan by up to five times without changing the way you use your smartphone or tablet. With the data compression power of Onavo Extend, you can do more with your data plan while avoiding overage charges, roaming fees and data throttling.

The acquisition was announced on Onavo's site. Here's the full announcement from the company's CEO & CTO.

iPhone 5s is Outselling iPhone 5c Two-to-One CIRP

The iPhone 5s is outselling the iPhone 5c more than two to one, according to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), relayed by AllThingsD.

According to CIRP’s survey of U.S. consumers who purchased Apple’s latest iPhones during the last days of September, the 5s accounted for 64 percent of total iPhone sales following its launch that month. Meanwhile, the the 5c accounted for 27 percent, with the legacy iPhone 4S making up the remaining 9 percent. So not only is the 5s outselling the 5c, it’s outselling it more than two to one.

It's also noted that despite the iPhone 5c's newness, it's not selling much better than the iPhone 4S did when it was superceded by the iPhone 5. CIRP found that the iPhone 5c accounted for 27% of sales during the time period surveyed; whereas, the iPhone 4S

Apple Launches iPhone Trade-In Program in the U.K.

Apple has launched its iPhone trade-in program in the U.K.

You can get a trade-in value estimate for your device using the link below. Unfortunately, Apple offers less for your device than selling it through other avenues. For example,