Sunday, January 5, 2014

iCleaner Pro 7.1 Released, Entirely Redesigned for iOS 7 Devices

iCleaner Pro, developed by Ivano Bilenchi and one of the most popular tools jailbreakers use to remove unnecessary files from their devices, has been updated to match the look and feel of iOS 7. In addition, there are many performance optimizations, improved text search, and more files you can cleanup.

With iCleaner Pro, you can remove tons of unused files and caches that sometimes can take up a few gigabytes! iCleaner Pro does all of the following and more:

● Message attachments (disabled by default): it deletes files sent and received via iMessage or MMS. The "smart" setting only deletes files that do not show up in any message, while "on" deletes all attachments (messages with attachments will show a blank icon).

● Safari: it deletes cookies, browsing history and cache files to free up memory and preserve your privacy.

● Applications: it deletes unnecessary AppStore apps caches, cookies, temporary files and snapshots.

Furthermore, it detects popular applications for a more in-depth cleanup:

Known Apps: Atomic, Badoo, Dolphin, Downloads, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Flipboard, Google, Google+, Google Maps, iCabMobile, iFile, Instagram, Mercury, Skyfire, Snapseed, SoundCloud, Soundhound, Sparrow, Spotify, Tweetbot, Twitter, Wikipedia.

● Cydia: it cleans up Cydia caches and temporary files, unnecessary Cydia applications files, partially downloaded packages and repo files.

● Cydia sources (disabled by default): it deletes Cydia sources files. As a result, Cydia will not list any package and the sources will have to be updated. This is disabled by default since it's only helpful if Cydia sources aren't updating correctly.

● Unused dependencies (disabled by default): issues the "apt-get autoremove" command in order to remove packages installed as dependencies that are not needed anymore.

● Log files: it deletes log files and crash reports from known locations. These files are
generally irrelevant to the user and can be safely deleted.

● Cache files: it scans and deletes system cache files and databases. Some of them are rebuilt upon respring. This helps removing obsolete cache data.

● Temporary files: it deletes temporary files from your device. These files are meant to be removed automatically, but they often happen not to. iCleaner takes care of that.

● Filetype cleanup: iCleaner features a custom cleanup pass based on file extensions. By default, it looks for log and temp files all over the directory tree.

● Custom files and folders cleanup (Pro version only & disabled by default): with this extremely powerful feature, you can add any file or folder to the cleanup process. Tap on "Add item" to add a new item to the cleanup, or an existing item to edit it.

The possibilities are now endless! Please use this function with caution, as accidentally deleting critical files can force you to restore your device.

Note that iCleaner is available free in the BigBoss repo. In order to get the Pro version (also free) you must add the developers Cydia repository:

Added iOS 7 support; entirely redesigned to match the new iOS 7 look and feel; major performance optimizations; improved the text search function to highlight matches; added more files to the cleanup list; bugfixes and improvements.

iCleaner and iCleaner Pro are compatible with all iPhones, iPods and iPads from iOS 4 to iOS 7.

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